The Dutch pianist Martin Kaptein approaches music as a means of exploring the deepest questions of human existence. After winning several international competitions, most notably the St. Cecilia Piano Competition, Martin began to perform internationally.

Media page on the website of Martin Kaptein. Here Martin features Videos, Recordings, Pictures and more of himself performing on the grand piano.

Online piano lessons and music theory education with Martin Kaptein. The lessons are meant for people of all ages, levels and backgrounds. Martin teaches piano, music theory, singing and composition.

An overview of Martin Kaptein's performances, projects and concerts in and in the vicinity of the city of Bolzano in Italy. This page is being updated with the latest information.

On June 30th Martin Kaptein played his final Master of Music exam. Together with his teacher Vitaly Samoshko Martin performed the 3rd piano concerto of Rachmaninoff.

On the 10th of June Martin Kaptein will perform his transitional exam for his master studies for classical piano at the Tilburg Conservatory.

Discovering and comparing similarities between the 5th violin sonata of Beethoven, the spring sonata, and Liszt piano sonata in b minor. Analysing a specific motif that is common for both musical pieces, and talking about musical history and culture.

Recording session on Saturday 10th of April 2021 at Emile van Leenen pianos in Leiden on a Kawai Shigeru.

Starting on January 3rd 2021 Martin Kaptein participates in the Winter Academy of the Fleisher Academy. This academy is part of the Baltimore piano festival.

On the 13th of December 2020 Martin Kaptein will perform a concert together duo Zeffiretti in the Muziekkamer in Assen, The Netherlands. This takes place thanks to the Grachtenfestival opportunity for the finalists of their competition.

Announcing the new project of Martin Kaptein, called the Scriabin Club. This project is a place where fans and enthusiasts of the great composer Alexander Scriabin find a new home.

Synthesizer solo transcription from O Ephraim from Finding Gabriel by Brad Mehldau. With download link to the pdf. Additionally I provide thoughts about Art, Jazz and Music in general and the general beauty of Art.

A jazzy reharmonisation of the popular father Jacob tune (also referred to as Brother Jacob or brother John), using non functional harmony. Also, you can download the pdf for free.

An analysis of the famous b minor Sonata by Franz Liszt.