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Martin Kaptein Pianist Picture from a Piano Recital Concert in Bolzano

Martin Kaptein


The Dutch pianist Martin Kaptein approaches music as a means of exploring the deepest questions of human existence. He was a student of Elena Golovinskaya, Michail Markov, Frank van de Laar and Vitaly Samoshko, who helped him to achieve a unique approach to sound.

After winning several international competitions, most notably the St. Cecilia Piano Competition (Portugal, 2015), Martin began to perform internationally. Martin graduated with honours for his Master's degree at the Tilburg conservatory in the Netherlands. During that time he discovered a important connection between music and philosophy, which was also the centrepiece of his Master's thesis.

Today, Martin continues to perform and explore the connections between music and philosophy: In the music of the composer Alexander Scriabin he found a unique match, and often makes Scriabin's music the centerpiece of his performances. One of Martin's projects that unites music and philosophy is the Scriabin Club, intended to promote music and create a community centered around a deeper discourse about art and life. In the course of 2023 numerous concerts and lectures were held in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, promoting art as a means of improving the world. In November 2022 Martin collaborated with the Scriabin Society of America in organization of a festival commemorating Scriabin's 150th anniversary.

Next to performing, Martin is also a music teacher and often finds himself giving lectures and presentations. He has also interest in a wide range of cultures and speaks many different languages. And, as if that was not enough, Martin also is highly interested in Science and Technology.