Scriabin Club Project launch announcement

Announcing the Scriabin Club Project

Hereby, I (Martin Kaptein) would like to announce the birth of a new project of mine: Scriabin Club. On the official website of Scriabin Club, you can find what the project is all about first hand.

In the following I would like to make a quick overview of this project, what it entails, what I have planned at this point and how to stay updated.

Scriabin Club banner, painting by Nicholas Roerich

Scriabin Club banner, painting of the Himalayan mountains by Nicholas Roerich

Why Scriabin Club

Scriabin Club has been conceived out of my love for the music, philosophy and spirit of the great Russian composer Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin Club aims to bring the fans and enthusiast of Scriabin together, and form a community, or in other words, a club.

Besides the aspect of bringing the fans of Scriabin together, Scriabin Club specialises in the following:

  • Promoting music and musicians
  • Bringing high quality education
  • Platform for all the information about Scriabin
  • Place for dialogues about philosophy, art, culture

In these contexts, Scriabin Club organises conferences, activities, workshops, concerts and much more. See the Scriabin Club website for more information.

The Essence of Scriabin Club

The essence of the Scriabin Club is the promotion of cultural enlightenment.


I have a great many things planned for Scriabin Club. Right now, I am working hard on its website, adding new features such as new languages, blogging and news pages.

Apart from the website, I am already planning the first conferences of Scriabin Club members and people interested in becoming members. Due to COVID-2019 these conferences and talks will take place online, most likely via Zoom.

Moreover, I am working on my own Scriabin piano-repertoire, planning concerts and recordings. Read the next Paragraphs to learn how to stay updated for this project.

Stay tuned

I will constantly be adding information to and about the project. In order to stay updated, I will communicate clearly and loudly.

First of all, this very article will constantly be updated with the latest information. Also feel free to keep an eye on the news page of my website where I will be posting all the latest News and Announcemnets.

Of course, keep an eye on the Scriabin Club website.

Last but not least, feel free to contact me in order to stay in touch, or follow me on my social networks.