The 10 reasons of why I consider the Casio F-91W to be the best watch in the world

In this blog post I would like to present 8 reasons of why one might consider the Casio F-91W to be the best watch in the world. So, without further a do, let’s dive directly into it!

Reason No.1 - Size and ergonomic

The first reasons is the size of the Casio F-91W: To sum up, it is incredibly comfortable.

It measures (source: wikipedia) 37.5 by 33.5 by 8.5 millimetres and just weighs 21 grams. Some might consider this quite small, but I would disagree: The watch feels very light, it is small and thin, and this really makes it perfect. It hides unassumingly under clothes, you barely notice it, whilst wearing.

The (default) band is comfortable too, it perfectly adapts to your wrist. Wearing this watch is incredibly comfortable, and that’s a very important thing.

comparison with xiaomi mi band

Here is a comparison of the thickness between the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Casio F-91W

Reason No.2 - Disassembly and Repairability

The second reason the Casio F-91W is the best watch in the world is the fact, that is is very easy to disassemble it: You can incredibly easily replace the battery (just remove the 4 screws on the back), but you can also do a wide variety of mods to the Casio F-91W (just google it).

For example, as I was annoyed by the beeping sound, I have just put some tape over the piezo element. Now it’s silent.

Also, you can completely disassemble literally everything about this watch, as it is build in a very simple way (this makes it very resilient and trustable).

casio f-91 disassembled

Reason No.3 - History

Many people, who wear sophisticated premium watches often brag about their rich history. Well, let me say, that the Casio F-91W is no exception, when it comes to it’s history.

First of all, it has been introduced in 1991 and is no less the first mass-produced digital watch.

Much more interestingly, it has been worn by many famous people, including Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama. Of course, this connection to terrorism isn’t really something to be happy about, especially considering, that this watch has been used to build bomb timers. But this really says something about the reliability of this watch.

Reason No.4 - Reliability

As this watch is build in a very simple and rigid way, it is incredibly reliable. You always know, that while the battery is charged (and it lasts about 10 years) the watch is going to work every time.

Due to the fact, that it is digital, there are practically no moving parts (like mechanics of an automatic watch, or moving arms). This means, that nothing can break. Nice!

Reason No.5 - Durability

This reason goes very well with the upper reasons. This watch is very durable. Whilst it doesn’t have an official fully waterproof rating, it is known to withstand complete abuse. Sure, it is manly incased in a plastic shell and the screen is from plastic too, so there is a very slight possibility of scratching marks.

However, on the other hand side, this also means, that it is practically impossible to break this watch as it isn’t brittle (like a material like glass or metal would be) at all.

Reason No.6 - Style

The 6th reason the Casio F-91 W is the coolest watch in the world is its style. Granted, this is a very subjective thing but I personally think it is absolutely stylish and goes very well with any outfit.

Also, it looks very geeky and the people who know about this watch will value it a lot. It looks modern and industrial, and in 100 years, this watch will still good absolutely gorgeous.

Moreover is looks absolutely unassuming, the watch doesn’t brag about itself. After all, it is just a tool, that needs to be always there, but doesn’t have to remind itself of its prominence all the time.

This is me, wearing the Casio F-91W

This is me, wearing the Casio F-91W

Reason No.7 - Functionality

Even though this watch has a relatively small footprint, it does have a very rich functionality.

Apart from showing the time (hours, minutes, seconds) it can show the day of the week (in 2 letter combo) and date. It has an alarm function and a stopwatch, which are features you don’t really want to be missing from a device, which always resides on your wrist.

Last but not least, it has an LED display light, which is also absolutely necessary to have, in case it’s fully dark.

From the small stuff I might add the ability to switch between 12h and 24h modes. Also, you can run the test, which proves that this watch is indeed the original one by holding down the 12h/24h button down several seconds and waiting for the Casio logo to appear. Last but not least you can hold down all three buttons simultaneously to run a display check.

One, very last thing I would like to add about this watch, is the fact, that is isn’t radio controlled, so you have to set it manually. At first, one might consider this as a disadvantage, but it does really give you the freedom to set the Casio F-91W however you want. Also, after a few month it begins to run slightly forward, which is absolutely amazing for people who run constantly late (like me).

Reason No.8 - All the important info on first glance

Part of why the Casio F-91W is the best watch ever, is that, even though it isn’t bulky at all, you can still read all the information you need from just a quick glance at your wrist.

Directly you can see the time in hours, minutes and seconds, but also the day of the week and the date of the month. You don’t need to press any buttons, the information is there all the time. Also, all the function are just a few button presses away.

The display of the Casio F-91W

This is how the display of the Casio F-91 looks. I might add that this particular watch has gone through a lot of abuse, thats why it looks quite scratched. But I do mean A LOT!

Reason No.9 - Ease of use

The reason number 9 is the fact, that this watch is very easy to use. Very often, with digital watches, it is the case, that in order to use them, you have to have a science degree or something, because they are incredibly unintuitive and difficult and challenging to use.

This is not the case with the Casio F-91W: This watch is indeed very easy to use, how I pointed out in the reason number 8, all the functions are indeed just a few taps away.

The button, in the bottom left is the mode button, it cycles through all the functions of the watch (default view, Alarm, Stopwatch, Time adjustment). The button on the bottom right helps to switch between 12h and 24h modes, as well as to set the values, when scrolling through the functions of the watch. Finally, the third button, on the top left of the watch lights the led light, as well as to apply the ‘settings’ when scrolling through the functions of the watch, after adjustment (sort of like a ‘return’ button).

And this is it, just 3 buttons!

Reason No.10 - Price

It seems we are arriving towards the end of this blog post. The final reason, this watch is the best watch is its price: It’s soo cheap!

In many places of the internet you can get it for about 10 dollars, which is an absolute bargain for this watch (for all the reasons outlined above).

If you break this watch, while modding (which is a challenge itself, by the way) you can always buy a new one.

In my opinion, you really cannot do any better than this!!

To sum up

Well, let’s finalise! These are my arguments for the Casio F-91W and its place for the best watch in the world. Of course, some of these reasons are, indeed, subjective, but, surely, not all of them.

I will look forward to any feedback, let’s have a discussion about this topic!

But one thing is for sure: Casio has delivered a masterpiece and is isn’t going anywhere, anytime! The Casio F-91W is indeed the best watch, and accessory for your wrist in the world!