Minimal multilingual theme for Hugo

I often get E-Mails with questions regarding the adjustments I made to my website theme for the Hugo Static Site Generator.

With this, I decided to "officially" open source the theme I am using for my personal website. My theme has been forked and inspired from the Elephants theme.

Because I have added a lot of features to it and made a lot of adjustments, I decided that it would be a good idea to make it available to a wider audience. I wrote clear documentation for it, so anyone can get started with it in a couple of minutes.

I called this theme Tigers Hugo Theme, and you can find the link to the tiger theme repo here.


Here is a screenshot of this theme.

Screenshot of Hugo Tigers Theme

Screenshot of Hugo Tigers Theme


Some of the adjustments I made include:

  • Addition of proper Multi Language (multilingual) support, including SEO language redirects.
  • Localization of all elements (everything is easily translatable).
  • Improvement of general SEO features.
  • Re-Written CSS.
  • Added Subheader and copyright Footer.
  • Made everything responsive (including images and media).
  • Custom Home page with custom menus and language menu.
  • Custom improved Robots.txt.
  • Support for icons (favicon etc.).
  • Adjusted font size and spacing.
  • International date format.
  • Clearer list pages.
  • Scrollable Code insert boxes.
  • Local fonts (for privacy).
  • 404 error static page.
  • Fast.

Apart from this, I made a clear example Site of this theme, which can be found in the exampleSite folder in the tigers theme github repository. This example site showcases all the features, so any user can get started quickly by just copying it over and adjusting all the parameters. It is not necessary for the user to dig through the code.