How to modify an old FM radio to receive airband frequencies and listen to airline pilots and air traffic control. This modification does indeed work and is very easily accomplishable.

How to flash Lineage OS on the Google Pixel with root in 2019 using temporary boot of TWRP.

How to transfer files easily between any device on the local network such as your old phone and your computer using a simple python server with added upload capability.

My opinion and vision about modular smartphones, why they have failed, and how it could be possible to implement a modular phone. I will mention examples such as Phonebloks, project Ara and Fairphone.

Let’s talk about why the Casio F-91W is the best watch in the world! I will present 10 reasons why the Casio F-91W is the best watch ever created.

This beginner tutorial is an introduction to Machine Learning in Python on how to predict integers from a training set using scikit-learn and the linear regression model.

An tutorial for Browser Automation. In this tutorial we will be programming a very simple bot in Python using Selenium to send forms.

Playing around with Android Debug Bridge, finding out its amazing possibilities: The remote ADB shell, screen recording, remote app installation and much more.

A tutorial and research on how to analyse all the network traffic communication, packet by packet, send from your iPhone using Burp suite.

Comparison between the Casio F-91W and Xiaomi Mi Band 2, review and opinion. How old technology can really be challenging new technology. Technical details and the rich history of the Casio F-91W.

Review and installation of Ubuntu Touch UBports on the LG Nexus 4 in 2018. My opinion and experience with Ubuntu Touch and tutorial for installation. Trouble installaing Ubuntu Touch operating system on Nexus 4.

Running a ported version of WebOS (LuneOS) on the LG Nexus 4. Installation instructions, comparison with Palm Pre Plus and my impressions.

In this tutorial I will show how to install Firefox OS (also known as Boot to Gecko) on a LG Nexus 4.

In this tutorial I will show how to install Sailfish OS on a LG Nexus 4.

The perks of buying a Nexus 4 phone in 2018. Best custom ROMs for best battery life, running different operating systems (such as Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS and Sailfish OS) and much more.

Exploring Google DeepDream and getting very cool results. My experiences and modifications to the source code.

In this blog post I will show how to build your static website with Hugo and deploy it to GitHub pages automatically using Travis CI. This can have a lot of benefits: For example, you can fix typo's directly from the Github web interface from your phone (without editing raw HTML). I kept the whole setup as minimal as possible. Hence, no bash script or travis command line tools are required.

PythonCMS is a static blog and site generator, written in Python 3, which is fully portable and very easy to use.