Martin Kaptein.


Bash script for video slideshows
macOS bootable installation partition
Selfhosted Dnsmasq adblocker with Nginx DoT server
Recording internal audio and microphone in MacOS
Arch Linux Encrypted Full Install
Arch Linux Offline Installation
Windows 11 Fresh Install on unsupported hardware
Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive Installation
Events txt plain text calendar solution
Introduction to Crypto in 2021
Using GPG concise tutorial
Minimal multilingual theme for Hugo
Replacing KaiOS with GerdaOS on the Nokia 8110 to improve privacy
Hugo - Custom 404 page from content markdown file
Markdown to pdf using Hugo and beautiful styling
Pandoc converting markdown to pdf without LaTeX
Remove default pre-installed bloatware apps and from KaiOS on a Nokia 8110 4G
Extracting apps from KaiOS using ADB
KeePass and TOTP Authenticator for KaiOS on the Nokia 8110
Converting and Porting Web apps to KaiOS
Side-loading and deploying custom apps to KaiOS
How to mod a FM radio to receive airband frequencies
How to unlock the Google Pixel bootloader and flash a custom rom with root
Wireless cross platform file transfer
My Opinion about modular phones
The 10 reasons of why I consider the Casio F-91W to be the best watch in the world
Using machine learning to predict integers from a training set
An introduction to Browser Automation - Programming a form sender bot in Python using Selenium
Playing around with ADB
Analysing iPhone network traffic communication with Burp suite
Old Technology vs New Technology - Casio F-91W vs Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Ubuntu Touch on the LG Nexus 4 in 2018 - the painful installation and review

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